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1992                             Stremmel Gallery: “Small Works,” Reno, Nevada

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                                    Centrum” Bellevue, Washington

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                                    Selected New Works in the Permanent Collection and

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                                    Santa Monica, California

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                                    Magidson Gallery: Group Show/Selected Works,

                                    Curated by Susan Rush. New York, New York

1993                             Whatcom Museum: “Clearly Art: Pilchuck’s Glass Legacy”

                                    Bellingham, Washington. Traveling Exhibit.

                                    Laguna Art Museum: “75 works, 75 years: Collecting the Art of California” Laguna Beach, California

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                                    “5 guys” Costa Mesa, California

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                                    Norfolk, Virginia

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1994                             Spring Street Gallery: “L.A. Rhythms” Los Angeles, California

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1995                             Frederick Weisman Museum of Art, Pepperdine University:

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                                    Los Angeles in the 90’s” Los Angeles, California

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                                    Contemporary Art in Santa Barbara Collections”

                                    Santa Barbara, California

                                    Santa Monica College of Design, Art & Architecture: Faculty and Student Exhibition, Santa Monica, California

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                                    Los Angeles, California

                                    Deanna Miller Fine Art: “Far East Meets West / Collaborative Art Works” Santa Monica, California

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                                    Education Center. Palm Springs, California

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1997                            Bakersfield Museum of Art and the Todd Madigan Gallery:

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                                    Bakersfield, California

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                                    Celebration: Contemporary Art from the Frederick R. Weisman Collections” Malibu, California

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1998                            Downey Art Museum: “Full House”, Downey, California

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                                    Art & Architecture” Beverly Hills, California

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                                    Los Angeles, California

1999                            Addison/Ripley Fine Art: “10 x 10”, Washington D.C.

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                                    Molly Barnes Gallery: “Screens and Totems” Santa Monica, California

                                    BGH Gallery: “200/2000/200.” Santa Monica, California       

2001                             Museum of Neon Art: “Neon Art from the ‘50’s, ‘60’s & ‘70’s”

                                    Los Angeles, California

                                    Chouinard:  “A Living Legacy.”  Oceanside Museum, Oceanside, California

                                    Skidmore Contemporary Gallery: Group Show,

                                    Malibu, California

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                                    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2002                             Skidmore Contemporary Gallery: Group Show,

                                    Malibu, California          

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                                    Laguna Brach, California

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2003                             Pepperdine University: “Recent Acquisitions.”  Malibu, California

                                    The Art & Cultural Center: “Beyond The Surface 2”Fallbrook, California

2004                             Patrick Olson Gallery: Group Show, Detroit, Michigan

                                    LAX, Group Show, Terminal One

                                    Ruth Bachofner Gallery: AGL Above Ground Level,

                                    Santa Monica, California

2005                            Weisman Art Museum:

                                    West! Frank Gehry and the Artists of Venice Beach 1962-78 Minneapolis, Minnesota

                                    Laurie Frank/Media Rare Gallery at Off Main Gallery

                                    Atelier Richard Tullis: Unique Works on Paper

                                    Santa Monica, California

                                    Chevron Gallery: Inaugural Group Show, Irvine, California

                                    Surfrider Foundation Presents: Art for the Ocean

                                    Chelsea Piers, New York, New York

                                    Santa Monica Museum of Art: Incognito

                                    Santa Monica, California

2006                            Norton Simon Museum of Art: Translucence Pasadena, California

                                    Tobey C. Moss: Sculptures on Paper Los Angeles, California

                                    Nelson-Atkins Museum: Selections from Permanent Collection

                                    Kansas City, Kansas

                                    Da Vinci Gallery, Los Angeles City College: Abstract Paintings

2007                             Fredrick R. Weisman Museum of Art: A View Within, Malibu, California

                                    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum & Gallery Kingyo:

            “Crosscurrent/ International Exchange Show” Tokyo; Japan

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            Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Pepperdine University: “Made in California: Contemporary California Art”, Los                 Angeles, California

2008                            LA Contemporary: “Nepotism”, Los Angeles, California

                                    The Riverside Art Museum: “The 1980’s Neo- Expressionism & Driven Abstraction II”, Riverside, California

2009                            Rumba: “Made in California”, Santa Monica, California

                                    Coda Gallery, Rancho Mirage, California

                                    Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Pepperdine University; “From the Vault”, Malibu, California

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                                    PS Zask Gallery, “Thirdspace”, Los Angeles, California

                                    Santa Monica Museum, “Incognito”, Santa Monica, California

2010                             David Zwirner, “Primary Atmospheres”, New York, New York

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                                    Basel Art Fair, “Volta 6”, Basel, Switzerland                                   

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                                    Nathan Bernstein Gallery, “Behind the Light”, New York, NY

                                    Friedrich Petzel Gallery, “Swell”, New York, NY

2011                            Venice Biennale, “Venice in Venice” Venice, Italy

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Galerie Dominique Fiat, “Contained Radiance / Paris”, Paris, France

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                                    Laguna Art Museum, "Electric Light Blanket" (Installation and Performance), Laguna, CA

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2016                           Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, California

     Selections from the Permanent Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York




*PST-Pacific Standard Time, in conjunction with J. Paul Getty Museum, 1945-1980